Wellbeing at Work: Enhancing Employee Engagement and Productivity

Wellbeing at Work: Enhancing Employee Engagement and Productivity

4th November 2020 | Central London


Workplace wellbeing and employee engagement are key in ensuring that staff can produce their best work. There are notable rewards for effectively addressing employee wellbeing, including increased staff motivation, morale and retention, reduced absenteeism, lower costs, and ultimately a more sustainable workforce. Indeed, FTSE 100 companies who actively address employee wellbeing consistently outperform their counterparts who do not.

Wellbeing is multi-faceted, encompassing mental, physical, financial, environmental and social health. Robust and comprehensive policies and action, as well as education and understanding, are therefore essential if organisations are to optimise employee wellbeing and organisational performance. 

Our upcoming ‘Wellbeing at Work: Enhancing Employee Engagement and Productivity’ event will provide HR professionals and line managers with the practical advice and insight needed to make wellbeing a workplace priority. Expert speakers will shed light on practical steps which employers can take to holistically address wellbeing at work, and ultimately maximise both staff satisfaction and organisational outcomes. 


Why attend?

  • Learn how to boost employee engagement in your organisation 
  • Bring new, innovative ideas about ensuring staff wellbeing is supported back to your organisation, with the insight needed to put them into practice 
  • Hear from leading figures in how to adapt workplace policy and practice to support staff wellbeing
  • Earn a CPD certificate for your personal progression
  • Enjoy an opportunity to network with top speakers and fellow colleagues

Who should attend? 

Anyone with an interest in creating an inclusive workplace, including: employers; HR managers/officers; wellbeing officers; senior managers; consultants; trade unions, staff network leads and representative groups.

The event is CPD certified, and a certificate is available to confirm your attendance.


Dates and Locations

Wellbeing at Work | Central London | 4th November 2020

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Welcoming Session

Olivia Bishop, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Dods PLC 


Chair's introduction


Healthy body, healthy mind: what do we mean by workplace wellbeing?

  • How wellbeing, employee engagement and productivity interconnect
  • Examining the different facets of wellbeing, from mental to physical to financial health
  • Employee wellbeing surveys: crucial sources of information in promoting wellbeing and productivity


Practical frameworks: adapting your workplace policies and environment

  • Criteria for reviewing current policies
  • Placing wellbeing at the heart of how health and safety, working hours, sickness absence and return to work are addressed
  • Office plans: designing an office environment which supports wellbeing


Networking Break


Mental health matters: building a toolkit for supporting mental health at work

  • Strategies for managing stress and preventing burnout
  • Developing a mental health strategy that encompasses both prevention and recovery
  • Encouraging the disclosure of mental health concerns and conditions


Lightning session:
Financial wellbeing: a new frontier and crucial consideration




Afternoon workshop: Managing wellbeing with confidence

  • Creating clear guidelines for managers when addressing wellbeing with staff
  • Guidance on holding candid and constructive one-to-ones
  • Increasing confidence in managers in publicly discussing health and wellbeing
  • Fostering resilience and positive work relationships amongst staff


Realising change: embedding wellbeing in your organisational culture and mindset

  • People power: engaging champions, networks and peer mentoring systems
  • Raising awareness and normalising discussions around wellbeing at all levels of your organisation
  • Advocating work-life balance and eradicating presenteeism
  • Ensuring wellbeing is always on the workplace agenda


Chair's Closing Remarks


Event Close