Diverse Leadership Series

About the Diverse Leadership Series

The Diverse Leadership conference series explores ways to increase diversity amongst leadership teams, whilst offering practical advice and coaching on how to further develop careers in times of change. We will discuss together how we can manage the challenges of modern leadership, and help ensure we don't lose momentum in recruiting, recognising and rewarding diverse leaders across a range of industries.

Each conference provides delegates with the following skills and practical takeaways:

  • The ability to identify the unique challenges and opportunities facing leaders today
  • The knowledge to increase the representation amongst female, BAME, LGBT & disabled colleagues in leadership positions in the workplace
  • The skills required to increase and champion diversity throughout an organisation
  • A lasting network of leaders (and future leaders) who are effecting change across their sector 

2019 Events:

Diverse Leaders in Healthcare | Tuesday 24th September 2019

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Diverse Leaders in the Built Environment | Thursday 14th November 2019

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Diverse Leaders in Transport | Wednesday 22nd January 2020

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For conference agenda's, registration and other event-related enquiries please contact:

Kirstie McMillan
020 7593 5666