Diverse Leaders in Transport

The Diverse Leaders in Transport conference will take place in Central London on Wednesday 22nd January 2020.

Event background

Leadership teams across the transport sector have some way to go to in achieving a level of diversity which is truly representative of the populations they serve. Female, BAME, LGBT & disabled colleagues are significantly underrepresented in senior leadership positions across the transport industry; from roads, rail, ports and airports much more needs to be done to correct the imbalance.

According to ASLEF, only 6.5% of train drivers are women and just 8% are from BAME backgrounds. Meanwhile, the Centre for Aviation states only 4.3% of airline pilots are women and whilst this is an increase from 3.4% in 2008, representation in senior leadership positions is significantly less.

The unique Diverse Leaders in Transport conference will explore ways to increase diversity across the transport industry and in leadership teams. Offering practical advice and coaching on how to further develop careers in times of change, we will discuss together how we can manage the challenges of modern leadership and help ensure we don’t lose momentum in recruiting, recognising and rewarding diverse leaders across the transport industry.

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Why attend:

  • Explore ways to increase the representation of female, BAME, LGBT & disabled colleagues in transport leadership
  • Examine the barriers faced thus far in improving diversity & inclusivity in transport leadership and hear how to overcome them
  • Identify the unique leadership challenges & opportunities the transport workforce face today
  • Hear from inspirational, diverse senior leaders across transport and learn how they thrived in their careers
  • Receive practical advice and coaching for increasing and championing diversity throughout your organisation
  • Create a lasting network of leaders (and future leaders) across the sector who are effecting change in their organisations

Who should attend?

The Diverse Leaders in Transport conference is aimed at all those who aspire to achieve diverse and balanced leadership teams across the transport sector. Presentations and workshops offer practical advice and coaching relevant to all those seeking to champion diversity throughout your organisation.
The event is CPD certified, and a certificate is available to confirm your attendance.

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For all event and registration enquiries, please contact:
Ivana Picone
0207 593 5739



Registration & refreshments


Chair's introduction


Opening Keynote Address: Examining diversity across leadership in transport

  • Statistics on diversity at all levels, sector figures & key organisational objectives
  • Latest strategies to improve diversity in leadership across transport
  • Challenges faced so far in improving diversity & inclusivity in leadership


Morning Panel: Leadership for all: challenging traditional leadership paths & behaviours

  • Personal reflection of leadership journey
  • Tackling the cultural and practical obstacles diverse leaders face in transport


Networking & refreshment break


Midday Workshop: Tackling unconscious bias in the workplace

An interactive workshop providing practical examples and tips for tackling unconscious bias.




Afternoon Panel: Amplifying diverse voices: leveraging our differences to drive success

A discussion on the benefits of having a diverse leadership team and the ways it can improve results & drive success across an organisation.

SPEAKER: Staynton Brown, Director of D&I and Talent, Transport for London


Closing Keynote Address: Leading a change in culture: where do we go from here?

  • Building a culture of inclusion and respect across transport
  • Raising the visibility of diverse leaders in transport
  • Practical advice for increasing & championing diversity throughout your organisation
  • Managing the challenges of modern leadership: getting on and staying on


Chair's closing remarks


Conference close