Back to Business: Facilitating the Return to Work

Back to Business: Facilitating the Return to Work

1st April 2020 | Central London


The recent launch of the Government Returners Toolkit is the latest indicator that supporting the return to work is increasingly important for employers. 436,000 UK residents who are currently not in work because of caring commitments would like to be. This largely untapped demographic of skills and experience has much to offer business.

As the increasing number of returners programmes demonstrates, attracting and enabling such talent makes good business sense. Furthermore, with the right guidance and knowledge, the business adaptations and processes which best attract and facilitate this competent demographic are effective and relatively simple.

Join us for our upcoming event, ‘Back to Business: Facilitating the Return to Work’ to learn how to adapt your business to engage this skilled demographic. Speakers will share instructive insights around cultural change and maximising the success of bespoke returners programmes. Receive best practice advice on recruitment and training offerings and come away with an understanding of the skills and benefits returners can offer your business.


Key Speakers: 

  • Katherine Wilson, Head of Employment, Carers UK 


Why attend? 

  • Learn how to engage skilled and experience returners with your business
  • Bring new, innovative ideas about creating a return-to-work scheme or process for your organisation, with the insight needed to put them into practice 
  • Hear about best practice from leading figures in creating a workplace that attracts and enables returners
  • Earn a CPD certificate for your personal progression
  • Enjoy an opportunity to network with top speakers and fellow colleagues


Who should attend? 

Anyone with an interest in adapting their workplace to better facilitate the return to work, including: employers; HR managers/officers; wellbeing officers; senior managers; consultants; trade unions, staff network leads and representative groups.

The event is CPD certified, and a certificate is available to confirm your attendance.


Dates and Locations

Back to Business: Facilitating the Return to Work | Central London | 1st April 2020

10% Early Bird Discount is available until 10th January 2020

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For registration queries please contact:

Ivana Picone 

0207 593 5739






Chair's introduction


Return on investment: the business case for investing in returners

  • The business benefits of supporting returners and bespoke returner programmes
  • Understanding the skills and benefits returners can offer your business


Made to measure: designing a returners programme to fit your business needs

  • Considering your options: ‘returnships’ vs supported hires
  • Creating a training and education programme that serves your business
  • Assessing what flexibility can be offered whilst accommodating business needs


Networking Break


Managing progression: supporting staff and securing success

  • Supporting managers in adjusting to new schemes, structures and objectives
  • Recruitment processes that best spot talent and potential after a career break
  • Ensuring career development and progression for returners
  • Evaluating your programme for maximum efficiency and success




Support systems: ensuring staff have the tools and resources to flourish

  • Flexible working: making it possible for returners to do their best work
  • How mentors, senior sponsors and networks can make all the difference
  • Building confidence, and ensuring returner re-integration to the workplace
  • Case Studies: Civil Service Job Share finder; Carer Confident innovation


Leading a change in culture: integrating returners into a supportive and cohesive environment

  • Communicating the benefits of returners and returner schemes
  • Ensuring buy-in from senior management and across the business
  • Ensuring that returners feel valued and included
  • Embedding returners into your wider talent management strategy

Katherine Wilson, Head of Employment, Carers UK


Chair's Closing Remarks


Event Close