Staff Networks | September




Chair’s Introduction

Rob Neil,  Head of Embedding Culture Change, Department for Education


Keynote address- The Importance of Staff Networks

Cherron Inko-Tariah, Author, The Incredible Power of Staff Networks


Networking break 


Developing a staff network

  • Getting started with your network: setting objectives and driving change
  • Connecting with staff outside of the network and promoting involvement
  • Using your network to engage with leadership teams and enact real change
  • Innovative initiatives that can be replicated by staff networks in your workplace

Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, Global Business Development Consultant, Enei

Javid Rana, Chair, Association of Muslim Police, Metropolitan Police

Amos Simbo, Chairman, Black Professionals in Construction


Networking lunch 


Sustaining a staff network

  • Maintaining an innovative network over time
  • The relationship between ‘networks’ and ‘champions’
  • Exploring alternatives for large numbers
  • Establishing and sustaining networks over wide geographic areas
  • The role of inclusive communication in promoting your network

Diana Okoukoni, BAME Staff Network Lead, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Karen Cooke, Organisational Development Manager, Chair of Enfys the LGBT+ staff network, Cardiff University

Sue Reeves, Co-Chair of Civil Service Disability Network, Office for National Statistics

Paul Willgross, Chair of Health and Safety Executive Disabled Staff Network, Health and Safety Executive


Chair’s closing remarks


Event close